Empak was spun off from Fluoroware in the 1980's. Wayne Bongard of Fluoroware began Empak with a number of products primarily focused on wafer shipping. Soon Empak began introducing PFA (Teflon) carriers for wafer processing and other products that competed with Fluoroware such as chip trays and photomask carriers and storage boxes.

Empak flourished in the 1990's and rapidly expanded into other markets such as security packages for cassette tapes and VHS movies, 'Jewel' boxes for CD, and trays for frozen foods. This expansion continued with the acquisition of Bush Lake Industries - a manufacturer of storage bins, organizing cabinets and can crushers.

In 1999, Fluoroware merged with Empak to form Entegris. The combined companies went public and are traded under the symbol ENTG. Today, Entegris has a market capitalization of over $1-billion. Electronic Container obtains Empak products as used and excess inventory from wafer fabs and offers them to our customers at deeply discounted prices.

Empak is a registered trademarks of Entegris which is not affiliated with Electronic Container.

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